“Diverse options to meet needs”

The solar bracket is a key component of the solar power generation system, which plays the role of supporting and fixing the solar panels. With the rapid development of renewable energy, the types of solar brackets are becoming more and more diversified. In this field, Shanghai Chiko not only pays attention to technological innovation, but also provides a variety of types of solar mounting systems to meet customers in different regions and needs.



First, introduce a common type of solar bracket - fixed bracket. Fixed bracket is the most basic form of solar bracket, its structure is simple, stable and low cost. It is suitable for ground-mounted solar plants and rooftop installations, and can be adjusted according to different angle needs. The fixed bracket is composed of a support frame and a support column, which ensures the stability and safety of the solar panels. The fixed bracket designed by Shanghai Chiko is made of high-strength materials to ensure that it can withstand the test of various climatic conditions.


Another common type of solar bracket is a single-axis tracking bracket. The single-axis tracking bracket automatically adjusts the angle of the solar panels according to the position of the sun to maximize solar energy absorption. It has high energy conversion efficiency and more uniform power generation capacity, which is suitable for large-scale solar power projects. Shanghai Chiko's single-axis tracking bracket adopts a sophisticated control system and intelligent sensors to ensure that the solar panels can always maintain the best angle and improve power generation efficiency.



Dual-axis tracking brackets are another advanced type of solar bracket. Compared with the single-axis tracking bracket, the dual-axis tracking bracket can not only adjust the angle of the panel according to the position of the sun, but also adjust it according to factors such as season and time. The advantage of this bracket is its ability to track the path of the sun to the maximum, providing higher power generation efficiency and more stable power generation capacity. Shanghai Chiko's dual-axis tracking bracket adopts advanced control technology and high-quality structural design to ensure the reliability and durability of the system.


In addition to the main types of solar brackets introduced above, there are also some special application bracket forms, such as water solar brackets, roof integrated brackets, etc. These bracket types adapt to the needs of different environments and scenarios, further expanding the scope of solar energy utilization.


In short, as an enterprise committed to promoting the development of the solar bracket industry, Shanghai Chiko provides a variety of types of solar mounting systems to meet customers in different regions and needs. Whether it is a fixed bracket, a single-axis tracking bracket or a dual-axis tracking bracket, Chiko's products have the characteristics of high quality, stable reliability and efficient power generation. With the continuous innovation and development of technology, it is believed that solar brackets will play an increasingly important role in the field of renewable energy, and Shanghai Chiko will continue to contribute to the development of this industry and contribute to the global sustainable energy revolution.


Post time: Sep-28-2023