“Smart solar brackets unlock the unlimited potential of solar energy”

When it comes to solar power systems, we usually focus on the high efficiency and solar utilization of solar panels. However, in this process, solar brackets also play a very important role. As a solar bracket manufacturer, Shanghai Chiko not only provides support structures, but also injects new vitality into the entire industry through technological innovation and engineering design, and promotes the development of solar bracket industry.



In the past few years, Shanghai Chiko has focused on the R&D and manufacturing of solar brackets and has made significant progress. Chiko not only focuses on the basic functions of the bracket, but also focuses on enhancing its intelligence and sustainability. It is hoped that in the future, the installation and use of solar brackets will be more efficient. In addition to intelligence, Shanghai Chiko also incorporates sustainability into the core concept of its product development. Committed to finding renewable materials and environmentally friendly processes to reduce environmental impact. In addition, Chiko minimizes the use of materials and improves resource utilization through precise engineering and optimization of the structure. This sustainable approach provides users with more environmentally friendly and economical options and aligns with the sustainability trends of the market.


Shanghai Chiko is not only a product supplier, they also actively participate in the cooperation and development of the solar industry chain. They work closely with panel manufacturers, solar power system installers, and other related businesses to drive the industry forward. By sharing knowledge, experience and technological innovation, we will jointly drive the continuous advancement of solar mounting technology and provide better solutions for the entire industry.


With its excellent quality, Shanghai Chiko has won the trust and reputation of customers. Chiko's products are widely used in various scenarios, including commercial buildings, industrial facilities and residential buildings. Whether in hot desert areas or cold alpine environments, Shanghai Chiko's solar brackets can ensure the stable operation of the system and create value for customers.


Post time: Aug-23-2023