“Exploring the Multiple Faces and Applications of Solar Racks in Extreme Environments”

Solar racks have different applications in various environments. In mountainous areas, due to the differences in terrain, the installation of solar modules and the selection of racks need to be matched according to the actual conditions. Generally, fixed racks are more suitable for mountainous applications and can be customized based on local climate, soil, and other factors to improve the efficiency and stability of solar power generation.


"Exploring the Multiple Faces and Applications of Solar Racks in Extreme Environments"

In desert areas, solar modules face environmental pressures such as high temperatures, low humidity, strong winds, and large amounts of sand and dust. The structural forces on fixed racks are also more complex. To adapt to these special conditions, solar racks need to have higher stability and wind resistance, as well as the use of special materials and structural designs. For example, Shanghai CHIKO has launched a series of solar racks designed for desert environments, with certain treatments to withstand sand erosion and the thermal cycling effects of high temperatures, ensuring the normal operation of solar systems in desert environments.



Solar racks in marine environments also face challenges such as high corrosion, friction, and waves. To meet the application requirements in marine environments, solar racks need to use more corrosion-resistant materials, more robust structural designs, and stricter protective measures.



In addition, solar racks can also be cross-applied with other fields. Building-integrated solar racks, for example, are a special type applied in the construction industry, integrating solar modules into building facades or roofs. This not only enhances the aesthetics and practicality of buildings but also generates sustainable clean energy. Shanghai CHIKO’s solar racks also have the characteristics of building integration, seamlessly integrating into the building structure and providing reliable solar solutions for the construction industry.



In conclusion, the application of solar racks in different environments requires reasonable selection and design based on the actual conditions. As a leading solar bracket supplier in China, Shanghai CHIKO has strong R&D capabilities and a professional technical team, providing high-quality, high-performance solar bracket products and solutions to help customers achieve optimal solar power generation effects in various environments.


Post time: Oct-19-2023