What are the technical barriers of solar mounting system ? Can the market share continue to expand?

2020-04-29 10:55
Efficiency and cost are core competitiveness
The solar mounting system is divided into the "bone" of the power station, and its technical level and performance directly affect the photovoltaic power plant's power generation efficiency and investment income.

In the overall scheme design, complex factors such as irradiation, latitude and longitude, climate, topography, soil condition, land cost and other factors in the area where the power station is located are required to design a suitable technical route, product scheme, power station arrangement, material selection and other overall schemes . At the same time, the overall plan must fully consider the technical and economic indicators to balance the relationship between cost and power generation gain. In the design of mechanical structure, photovoltaic power plants are generally located outdoors. In the face of various harsh environments such as wind and sand, rain and snow, air corrosion, high and low temperatures, and frozen soil layers, the design of the solar mounting structure needs to meet the strength, weight, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. , Anti-dumping and other high-performance standards.

Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically design the mechanical structure, reasonably select the type of materials, fully carry out testing and inspection, and effectively control product costs. In terms of production process, the main components of the photovoltaic bracket are formed by cold bending, stamping, sawing, laser cutting, plasma cutting, welding, hot dip galvanizing, etc., and the product processing accuracy, production efficiency and quality consistency, etc. There are higher requirements; in terms of tracking control technology, it is necessary to continuously optimize the tracking control algorithm, develop new tracking control technology, and improve the level of automation and intelligence of photovoltaic power plants.
At the same time, there is a general phenomenon of "robbing installation" in the photovoltaic industry (that is, government subsidies can only be obtained if the grid-connected power generation is completed before the time prescribed by the government), and the product requires a certain period of time from customized R & D design to manufacturing, and it cannot be produced in advance Therefore, solar mounting structure manufacturers that meet the customer's delivery requirements to the greatest extent can obtain higher bargaining power.
Therefore, cost reduction and efficiency increase in the photovoltaic industry is the core competitiveness of solar mounting system technology and products.
Let's see if CHIKO Solar's production process can improve efficiency and reduce costs:
CHIKO Solar has accumulated many years of manufacturing experience, and continuously improves the process flow, introducing advanced manufacturing equipment and customized machinery and equipment, forming a leading manufacturing process level in the industry. The main conditions for the improvement of the process flow are as follows: independent research and development of design drawings and customized purchase of high-speed steel intelligent production lines from suppliers. By using this new production line, the company's production efficiency is significantly improved, and personnel costs are saved.
Long product certification cycle
Downstream customers in the industry are generally strong investment owners or general contractors for power station construction. Generally, they will establish a list of qualified suppliers. Entry into the list of qualified suppliers requires the qualification, scale, product quality, timeliness of delivery, and credit of the suppliers. Strict review of the situation, technical level, project experience, etc. In order to ensure the continuity of product quality, once entered into the list, photovoltaic bracket manufacturers and downstream well-known customers will establish long-term and stable cooperative relations, and will not easily change suppliers. New entrants need to meet the above requirements to enter the list of qualified suppliers, and the audit period is longer.
CHIKO Solar has been actively exploring foreign markets for many years. Since its establishment in 2011, it has established agents and distributors in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Japan, the Netherlands, Thailand, India, and South Korea; , Toshiba, Kyocera, Bosch and other world-renowned enterprises have established long-term cooperative relations. CHIKO's distribution network is spread all over the world, which greatly improves product service capabilities and global shipping efficiency.
While meeting the needs of the domestic photovoltaic market, Chinese solar mounting manufacturers have begun to deploy overseas markets, and have significantly increased their share of the global solar solar mounting structure market through endogenous growth and external acquisitions. If CHIKO Solar Co., Ltd. can continue to break through the comprehensive technology in the field of photovoltaic brackets and the production capacity continues to increase, then the ceiling will be higher than the same industry. In the future, we will continue to analyze the capacity of CHIKO Solar and the construction of downstream solar photovoltaic power stations.

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