Solar mounting structure and modules are in a difficult situation, the United States announces the review results of China's aluminum anti-dumping duties

2020-04-17 09:27
On April 8, the results of the US review of China's aluminum anti-dumping duties were released. The United States stated that China ’s aluminum-related companies that require administrative review, including solar mounting structure manufacturers, are not eligible for a separate tax rate after review, so they still need to pay certain tariffs as usual when exporting to the United States.
Solar mounting system and modules are in a difficult situation, the United States announces the review results of China's aluminum anti-dumping duties
In 2010, the US Department of Commerce preliminarily decided to impose an anti-dumping duty of 59.31% on aluminum profiles exported to China from the United States on the ground that the selling price of aluminum profiles exported to China was lower than a reasonable price.
In September 2019, the U.S. Department of Commerce requested that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection suspend customs clearance of imported aluminum profiles, and require companies to pay an estimated tariff deposit, and trace back to March 5, 2018. The anti-dumping tax rate is 86.01%.
Solar mounting system and components lie on the gun again, the United States announces the review results of China's aluminum anti-dumping duties
Involving photovoltaic modules,solar mounting structure
The review results indicate that the final products assembled by aluminum materials at the time of import include, but are not limited to, window frames, door frames, photovoltaic modules, curtain walls or furniture. Such parts that meet the definition of aluminum profiles are also included in the scope.
As a product that requires aluminum as an aluminum frame, the export of photovoltaic modules will also be affected! In addition, in solar projects, photovoltaic modules require a photovoltaic support structure, which is basically composed of aluminum and galvanized flat products.
According to the adjustment of products of different photovoltaic enterprises, the United States has a 2% -5% anti-dumping tax on China's photovoltaic module products. Now it is determined that the aluminum in the module must be subject to anti-dumping tax. Should we charge additional fees? Is it a double anti-dumping tax, or is it supplemented in the tax rate included in the module?
In addition to the United States, India has also reported that anti-dumping duties have been imposed on China's aluminum and related products.
In early March, with the support of the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the General Directorate of Trade Relief (DGTR) of India has formally proposed to impose anti-dumping duties on aluminum and galvanized flat rolled products from China PR, Vietnam and South Korea RP. Tons range from 14.3 to 173.1 USD (~ 1,032.45 to ₹ 12,497.6).
About the review of anti-dumping duties
According to the understanding of how much tax will be paid on the export of photovoltaic products to the United States, the double anti-tax rate of the United States for mainland China is basically above 65%. However, companies can lower the tax rate by appealing. For example: On July 25, 2019, after the fifth review of the double reverse tax on Chinese PV modules in 2016, the USTR corrected the fifth round of the 2016-2017 double reverse tax rate ruling after October ’s complaint debate The final determination of the anti-dumping duty rate of Chinese companies involved in the export of photovoltaic modules to the United States was between 2.67% and 4.79%.
On February 11, 2020, the US Department of Commerce's International Trade Representative Office (USTR) announced the results of the 2018 review of China's photovoltaic dual-reverse, levying 46.64% to 238.95% on crystalline silicon cells exported to the United States (whether or not assembled into modules) The weighted average dumping margin and the subsidy rate of 16.4% to 19.15%.
On March 23, the US Federal Trade Commission finally ruled that the weighted average dumping margin of crystalline silicon solar products from Taiwan from February 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019 was 2.57%. Therefore, the US Department of Commerce finally ruled to impose a 2.57% anti-dumping tax on Taiwan-made crystalline silicon photovoltaic products, involving 36 exporters and manufacturers including Yingli, Artes, Jiasheng Photovoltaic, Eaton, Jintai, and Inventec.

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