China solar mounts companies will resume work except Hubei in mid-March

2020-02-28 13:28
Another half month has passed in February, and although some good news came from the new crown epidemic, the situation still cannot be taken lightly.
The work of many photovoltaic companies and solar mounts projects has been affected by the epidemic. The first two days, Mr Wang, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, attended a seminar and said that due to the epidemic, the overall capacity utilization rate of the industry will decline at the manufacturing. Operating costs of the entire industry chain including solar mounts will increase and overseas plant operations and markets will be negatively affected. On the application side, photovoltaic power generation projects will not be able to be connected to the grid and declared on schedule. The proportion of abandoned light and electricity will increase year-on-year. Negative Effects.
Chinese Solar mounting system companies will resume work in mid-March, Solar will develop in a blowout
Many photovoltaic companies are anxiously waiting.
Full resumption of work except Hubei Province before March 15
Recently, good news came from the State Grid. The State Grid gave a timetable and basic principles for the resumption of work. The basic principles are: a batch of work resumed before February 15th, no less than 50% of work resumed before the end of February, and a full return to work except Hubei Province before March 15th.
The 27 provincial power companies of the State Grid fully sorted out the first batch of resumption projects before February 15th, giving priority to the cleanliness of the “three districts and two states”, border villages, coal-to-electricity, and hydropower that are related to the country ’s fight against poverty and the protection of national economy and people ’s livelihood Resumption of construction of power grid projects supporting energy transmission, electrified railway and other important infrastructure.
This will undoubtedly play a positive role in the resumption of production of solar mounts companies such as CHIKO Solar and other upstream and downstream industries of the power grid.
China's new PV installed capacity is forecasted to reach 36.9-42.9GW in 2020
Although this sudden epidemic has affected China's photovoltaic industry, industry experts believe that the epidemic will not have a long-term impact on China's photovoltaic industry. Therefore, China's photovoltaic industry is still optimistic about 2020.
Industry agencies predict that China's new photovoltaic installations will be about 36.9-42.9GW in 2020 and about 25-30GW in 2021.
With the decline of photovoltaic subsidies, China's new installed photovoltaic capacity will stabilize below 30GW.

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