What kind of solar mounting structure is a good structure?

2019-11-09 13:43
There are all kinds of solar mounting system, and the quality is also uneven. So, how do we know when we buy: "What kind of solar mounting structure is a good bracket?". In terms of production strength, CHIKO has a production scale of 1000MW roof solar mounts system and 1200MW ground solar mounts system .As a world-renowned solar mounting system manufacturer, CHIKO Solar has something to say!
First of all, we need to be clear about the on-site operating environment of our PV project installation.
First, the strength analysis. The strength of the aluminum alloy bracket is weaker than that of the steel. Therefore, when the wind resistance requirement is relatively high, or the actual span is relatively large, it is recommended to use the steel bracket to meet the strength requirement, and the aluminum alloy solar mounting structure is used. In general areas.
Second, the anti-corrosion performance is also a relatively important parameter of the stent.
The anti-corrosion advantages and disadvantages not only affect the service life of the photovoltaic power station, but also affect the appearance of the bracket. Generally, the surface of the steel bracket is treated by hot-dip galvanizing. Generally, it is required to be 65μ or more. Under normal conditions, the service life of 20 years can be ensured, but regular maintenance is required, and the surface of the aluminum alloy bracket is anodized to form a dense oxide film with long corrosion resistance. It is superior to steel solar mounting system, and the surface of aluminum alloy brackets is also superior to steel brackets.
Third, compare the price of the two, if the strength requirements are relatively high, if you must use aluminum alloy brackets, you can only meet the requirements by increasing the material, and the price of aluminum alloy on the market is about 3 times that of steel brackets. Therefore, the cost of the aluminum alloy solar mounting structure will be much higher than that of the steel bracket. In the case of general strength requirements, such as metal roof solar mounts, the span is usually small, so the strength requirements are not high. The aluminum alloy brackets that meet the strength are basically close to the steel brackets in terms of cost, and the difference in processing technology The variety of the cross section of the aluminum alloy bracket can make the aluminum alloy bracket rich in form and convenient to install.
In short, choose what kind of solar mounting structure, depending on your installation conditions, to adapt to local conditions, choose the most cost-effective installation solution.
With CHIKO, you will meet leading highest standard quality. All of our Aluminum profiles are made 6005 T5 with surface protection anodic oxidation 12-15 micron (µ), hooks and bolts are made of Stain- less steel 304.Ground solar mounting systems that made of Q235 steel will be hot dip galvanized with a averagethickness 80 micron (µ).
CHIKO Solar have obtained product certifications, and management system endorsement granted and approved by leading testing agencies including UL SGS Gamcorp MCS Intertek, SPAD etc. Our product designs are based on the following Australian Standards and sections of Building Code of Australia relevant to structural issues.

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