2019 global solar panel bracket market development strong momentum

2019-10-28 18:58
After the economic slowdown in 2018, the global solar PV market is now back to a strong growth track. As a result, the installed base of basic products such as solar panel brackets has also reached a record high. By the beginning of 2020, it is estimated that the annual installed capacity will reach about 125GW per year. According to the latest report of professional survey institutions, the global solar PV market will have a higher development trend. It is estimated that the global solar PV installed capacity will reach a new high of 114.5GW in 2019, an increase of 17.5% over 2018.

2019 global solar panel bracket market development strong momentum
Although China is still the world's largest PV market and a leading exporter of solar panel bracket, global solar PV growth continues to show an upward trend. In 2017, the Chinese market reached 53 GW, which was also driven by the government's subsidy policy for on-grid tariffs. China's solar PV installed capacity is expected to increase by 30 to 40 GW per year.
Countries with global solar PV installed capacity of 1 to 5 GW per year will become the growth engine of the global PV market. In 2018, there are seven such markets. "By 2022, we expect to have 19, including Saudi Arabia, France and Taiwan. And in India, due to land and transmission restrictions, its market economy is slowing, and with its policy-driven PV market, it is expected to be achieved by 2020. And the renewable energy target of 2030, and the European solar photovoltaic market will grow strongly.
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