The analysis of solar pv bracket related security issues 丨Chiko solar

2017-10-28 11:45
We all know that solar mounting bracket is a part of solar energy can not be missing, it is not only played a supporting role bot aslo have the security protection for solar mounting system.
The most important thing is to let the solar mounting system to better accept the sun exposure. This explains that how we can know the importance of solar stents to solar mounting system is important!
So the security can not be ignored, the following we focus on his security issues.

1. solar mounting bracket maintenance workers should carefully implement the inspection system to ensure that the support of the hydraulic system intact, the damage to the parts to be timely replacement, stent leakage, channeling when the timely treatment, dnot use it when it sick .
2. All pipelines shuld be suspended neat, not pressure, burial, squeeze, demolition.
3. Work surface All solar mounting bracket must meet the perfect standard, otherwise the stent workers have the right to refuse to manipulate.
4. In the face to find damaged parts, hydraulic hose to be replaced in time, replaced the old to timely recovery, the problem can not solve the report to the squad leader, are not allowed to "disease" operation, to ensure that the stent is always in good condition.
5. To check the roof of the situation, found the roof broken or caving phenomenon, to be equipped with anti-Roofing material, handle and then move the pv bracket, to prevent the fall in the roof is too large caused by tents, bite and fall and so on.
6. Clean up the shelf, the front of the frame and the floating coal, floating gangue and other debris, or are not allowed to shift frame.
7. Move the shift and the staff around the issue of shift signal, shift the bottom of the frame and the front must not have any other staff has nothing to move.
8. There is a violation of the command of the behavior, pv bracket workers have the right to refuse to implement.
9. Solar panels Pv bracket parts, piping systems and auxiliary equipment, must meet the original design requirements, shall not be arbitrarily disassembled.

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