Application of solar Pv bracket in Chinese revolutionary base

2017-10-26 16:29
In the 1960s, the United States, Japan and Germany have carried out the application of corrosion-resistant steel Pv bracket, Yan'an Oasis 23MW Pv power plant project is China's largest corrosion-resistant steel Pv bracket support applications.

With the increasingly stringent environmental policy, the traditional solar Pv bracket began to face high cost of galvanizing, long production cycle and other issues. In particular, this year's "630" PV tide during the period, the number of galvanized solar power plants drastically reduced, the cost of galvanizing continued to rise, resulting in a substantial increase in the cost of Pv equipment enterprises, Qualified support of the timely supply is not guaranteed, on the other hand, resulting in the solar pv project grid time is not guaranteed.

Corrosion-resistant steel PV stents are widely used in steel structures such as railways, vehicles, bridges and other long-term exposure to the atmosphere due to their excellent corrosion resistance. In the 1960s, the United States, Japan, and Germany carried out the application of corrosion-resistant steel Pv brackets, such as the 1964 Vilazano Bridge in the United States and the 1988 Chisheng Central Bridge in Japan. In addition, it looks like wearing a red Nizi coat of the Shanghai World Expo Australia Pavilion, Tongji University, China and France Center buildings are used corrosion-resistant steel Pv bracket materials built.

chiko solar pv bracket

Tongji University Professor Ma Renle said in the speech, corrosion-resistant steel Pv bracket by ordinary carbon steel to add a small amount of copper, nickel and other corrosion-resistant elements from smelting, with high quality steel and other mechanical properties, atmospheric corrosion resistance for ordinary carbon steel Of the 2-8 times, and the longer the use of time, the more prominent corrosion resistance. At the meeting, Shanghai Chenke solar senior engineer Mr. Li on the corrosion-resistant steel Pv bracket in the domestic and Pv applications were analyzed. Mr. Lee pointed out that the Chiko solar energy research and development, heart of environmental protection and responsibility, innovative to the performance of corrosion-resistant steel Pv bracket instead of hot-dip steel, effectively avoid the traditional Pv bracket process pollution problems, Production cycle while also reducing the production costs of about 15%.

In addition, China Power Construction Group Northwest Survey and Design Institute of Engineering Construction Company Procurement Director Zhai Sha, An Gang Group Engineering Technology Center Director Wang Xinzhi respectively on the corrosion of corrosion-resistant steel in the EPC general contracting project, corrosion-resistant steel solar Pv bracket materials The performance made a detailed explanation. Wang Xinzhi that corrosion-resistant steel has excellent corrosion resistance, compared with the lower cost of stainless steel, compared with the hot-dip steel pollution is smaller, the future it will be more widely used in the field of Pv.

The vice president of the Chiko solar group , Miss Terry Lynn said the research and development of corrosion-resistant steel Pv bracket shows that in the pv market, the policy is changing circumstances, Chiko solar to meet the needs of the times change and innovation, but also for the sustainable development of the industry A new idea.

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