Three points to achieve high reliability and low cost solar Pv bracket

2017-10-24 13:34
For large-scale Pv power generation bracket installation, cold-rolled profiles is a commonly used solution. Regardless of the shape of the Pv bracket is simple or complex, can be rolled and welded to meet the required specifications.
There are a number of options for Pv bracket materials, and the close cooperation between cold rollingers and engineering fastener manufacturers can significantly reduce the associated costs in solar power projects. For example, the use of pre-installed fasteners to move the installed labor force from the construction site to the cold-rolled production line reduces the loosening of the board after installation, thus eliminating the precious PV project site labor time and bring additional benefits The These preloaded fasteners include high performance, easy-to-install components such as fasteners.

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Production Process:
When the cold rolled forming material is applied to a solar tracker or bracket system, the type of selection is varied. The most common materials include high strength low alloy steel (HSLAsteels) and aluminum alloys. Some alloys meet the strength requirements at the same time, need to shape in the thin parts. Cap-shaped or tunnel-shaped are widely used, any open or closed structure can be completed by cold rolling. In the pipeline can be any position out of any shape of the pre-punching hole. Pv power plant project, the length of the bracket is limited to the length of the freight car, some bracket design up to 20 meters. After the process, including surface processing, welding and fastener installation, etc., can give customers value added value.
Cost considerations:
PV bracket manufacturers are facing enormous price pressures and increasingly stringent monitoring systems. Customers not only expect to reduce the cost of components, but also to reduce the PV project in the field bracket installation of labor costs. In the case of large-scale PV projects, manufacturers in this type of project in order to improve the installation efficiency, in addition to equipped with a fixed tilt installation system, the need to increase their own uniaxial support. If the efficiency from the start, some bracket design can even be used for Pv panel assembly system.
Regardless of whether the uniaxial bracket or fixed angle bracket is installed, some mounting fasteners are essential. Part of the assembly work to be completed by the construction site at the construction site. For ease of assembly, parts are usually designed with pre-punching with separate nuts and bolts. The number of fasteners installed, due to the size of the project, are very different. Power plant-level PV projects often require a lot of fasteners, and in some projects, 70,000 bolts are installed per megawatt. Fasteners are often used in projects at millions, which directly affect the demand for on-site construction manpower.
In order to reduce the use of loose fasteners at the construction site (easy to lose), cold-rolled manufacturers can install fixed fasteners in the bracket production. Through site visits confirmed that the installation in the factory in the outdoor work can save considerable cost. In addition to reducing labor costs, quality control has also improved. Some projects pay high wages to hire skilled workers, such as often adding temporary workers to meet the contract deadline, but short-term training for temporary workers is also a challenging task. Obviously, those who need millions of fasteners to install large-scale projects, the choice of pre-installed hardeners is a wise move.
Select component:
Choose the right solar mounting fastener to reduce installation time and costs while quickly installing and meeting all design goals. Usually the fastener is installed in the subsequent operation of the cold-rolled part of the use of punch and tools to complete the installation. If the project size and completion time can guarantee the case, online installation can also operate. The secondary operation can be set quickly and is best suited for most types of utility projects. Blind rivets, riveted nuts, riveted bolts are more commonly used in the project.
For closed section profiles, this is the only option because there is no need to work on the back. Most PV cold-rolled bracket profiles are available in hat-shaped sections, allowing the tool to be operated by both sides. Rivet nuts and bolts are completely completed by manual one at a time. In this case, the use of automation equipment costs are too high, and can not install multiple components at the same time.
The riveted fastener can be used in a bi-directional installation of the tool. Typical automatic installation, by the automatic feeding machine with single-station press to complete the installation. But can not be installed in a single press on a number of pressure riveting fasteners. Especially in thin steel sheet material, the mechanical properties (such as torque or push / pull) of rivets and riveted fasteners are almost critical. The size of the solar mounting fastener and the thickness of the plate may need to be adjusted according to the customer's requirements for the structure.

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