Pv bracket's tiny Times,Solar energy's "big" application!

2017-10-19 13:30
Solar energy is known as clean energy, from the beginning of the solar energy for the perceptual knowledge, and now the use of solar energy to become a reality, this change is not only dependent on technology, but also for people to understand the energy and new ideas. Pv solar energy is a new high-speed development of the industry, the application area is very wide, large power station construction, small to all aspects of our lives, today's professional solar Pv bracket manufacturers - Shanghai Chiko solar energy to take you a taste of solar energy Of the "big" application.
▌ solar Pv lights
solar Pv bracket manufacturers
With the continuous acceleration of urbanization process, the popularity of street lamps is increasing, and now many rural areas are everywhere, with "energy saving and environmental protection" as the theme, solar street lights came into being, solar lights in the light source on the use of solar energy The During the day, it can use the solar circuit board to charge the battery inside the street, in the evening, the battery can give power to the lamp, can meet the needs of lighting. [Professional solar Pv bracket manufacturers] solar street light using solar energy green, natural everywhere, which saves the laying of power supply lines required materials, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, improve the construction efficiency. In addition, the solar street green, energy saving, long life, product structure and stability, with very good social and economic benefits.
▌ Solar photovoltaic insecticidal
Solar pv stent manufacturers
With the introduction of the "lure-raising" model, the use of insect-trapping lights and insecticidal lamps in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery and aquaculture is becoming more and more extensive. It not only provides high quality protein feed for aquaculture, But also to reduce the harm of crops to crops, care of the green crops of crops, improve the yield of crops for the organic ecological agriculture to provide protection to further protect the health of mankind.
▌ solar Pv charge
Solar Pv bracket manufacturers
The application of clean energy vehicles in the people more and more widely, electric cars, electric tricycles, electric bicycles, electric landscape cars, electric leisure scooters, etc., is in some residential areas, schools, factories, enterprises and institutions will be the original car Position to make full use of, directly made of Pv sheds, both shade, beautify the environment, but also Pv power to the electric equipment charging, free space to use a lot of space, broad prospects.
In fact, there are many, such as Pv intelligent outdoor products, home series of lighting, decoration, etc., although these applications "small", but it constitutes the daily life of our daily life, but also in the life of the "small" In the foundation.
▌ Solar Smart Glasses
Solar Pv bracket manufacturers
Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany tried to combine organic-based solar cells with sunglasses. They will be coated with solar cell materials, glasses and LCD screen superimposed and encapsulated, and the relevant electronic components hidden in the glasses box. [Professional solar Pv bracket manufacturers] This "smart sunglasses" size and weight are similar to the conventional sunglasses. Through the solar cells to provide the power, the lens can display the current light intensity and temperature. As the relevant electronic components of the energy consumption is very small, this sunglasses even in the room under the weak light environment can also work properly.

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