BIPV Triple Layer Roofing System

2017-08-14 16:52
Overview The Echo  Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Roofing Technique is put in utilizing industry normal roofing methods to create aUL regular licensed Course A Rated fire resistant roofing systemwith three levels relating to water safety. The principal signifies for weatherproofing is accomplished on the bare roof deck via a superior underlayment. The underlayment is then covered with a fire-proof steel roofing item. The final layer relating to defense is produced from the solar array itself, which happens to be utilized for water shedding. During installation, or in the case connected with solar panel breakage, the weatherproofing under the photo voltaic array is just not effected by publicity on the factors. This paper summarizes the main points of the roofing program.The very first Layer relating to Protection: A Premium Good quality Heavy-Duty Underlayment A complete weatherproof underlayment program is initial installed beneath the solar array to generate the primary water barrier. This underlaymentself-seals close to any penetrationsto forma water barrier greatly excellent to standard felt underlayment. The picture below shows the underlayment with the mounting technique prepared for that installation regarding the metal pan system and panels.Echo Photo voltaic Systems BIPV Triple Layer Roofing Method

The second Layer concerning Protection: A Steel Roofing System

A hefty gauge, corrosion resistant, overlapping steel pan program is set up among the vertical rails simultaneously with all the panels. This results in a complete, non-combustible metallic roof beneath the photo voltaic array by using a 50-year anticipated lifestyle. Any h2o gathered with the steel pan technique is directed on to a toe flashing on the foundation connected with the array, which then deposits it onto the surface area regarding the roof or off the edge (if the array is mounted at the base regarding the roof). The photograph underneath displays the metallic pan program currently being set up in combination with the photo voltaic panels.The Third Layer relating to Safety: The Photo voltaic Array By itself The solar panels create yet another layer about weather conditions safety to the roof. Even though the lags that protected the mounting technique to the roof are them selves weatherproof when confronted with the weather, they can be entirely hid beneath the solar array. The panels are butted tightly with each other. The vertical edges are coated by a water-resistant rail cap that secures the solar panelsto the rails. The top end result can be a limited, monolithic array thatsheds the majority connected with any rain or dampness.Echo Photo voltaic Programs BIPV Triple Layer Roofing Technique

The ultimate Stage about Set up: Business Common Flashing

The whole photo voltaic array is flashed and then counter-flashed to the roof making use of industry regular flashing supplies and additionally practicesto guarantee the very best level of weatherproofing. The Echo BIPV Triple Layer Roofing Technique incorporates a flashing/counter-flashing detail just like a large skylightto integrate the array to the adjacent roof. The flashing detail features a drip edge (if situated in the base for the roof), toe flashing, phase or aspect flashings (dependent around the roof kind), corner flashings, top cricket flashing counter-flashing to guarantee the optimum degree about security. The photograph under exhibits the Echo photo voltaic array getting built-in into a tile roof.