Choose the Best Solar Bracket for Your Solar Energy System

2017-08-14 16:49
Solar bracket is the most important parts used for fixing the solar panel. Solar bracket manufacturers should consider ensuring the bracket security and reliability after the solar panel acquires the highest generating efficiency. Mainly there are various types of solar brackets, including mono pod solar bracket, double-column structure bracket, triangle mounting bracket, matrix solar bracket and so on. And according to different installation methods, there are ground mounted solar brackets, solar panel tile roof brackets and building energy conservation integration bracket system. Usually the bracket material is aluminum alloy or stainless steel. How can we choose the appropriate solar bracket for our solar energy system? The solar bracket should not have too many accessories and there is no need drilling or welding at site. It should be installed conveniently and quickly at site. If with some accessories, it is better to assemble them in the factory and send the integrated solar bracket to customer to shorten the construction period and improve the installation efficiency. Solar bracket suppliers should have rich production experience and proven technique so that they could supply an excellent solar bracket solution with low cost. The solar bracket should have high load capacity adequately considering the dynamic load and static load which are component weight, wind load, snow load and seismic load etc. This ensures the long lifetime of solar bracket. When we choose the solar bracket, we also need to consider the corrosion prevention factors. The solar system is in an outdoor environment. For example, usually the tile roof solar rack is installed on the top of buildings, and it must have anti-corrosion performance. Merchant steels and accessories of solar bracket should be galvanized. Usually galvanized steel parts could meet the requirements which photovoltaic module life time should be more than 25 years. And it is better if the part's material is stainless steel. And when it comes to installation, we should check the angle steel welding quality and make sure that the welding tolerance meets technical requirements. Sometimes it is better that solar bracket manufacturer could supply two solar bracket system solutions for customers. So we could compare and choose the best one according to project features and cost controlling. Suppliers should design the solar bracket system according to the standard specifications and calculate the load with software in different situations. The manufacturers should reduce the basic settings and cost and improve the stock utilization continually. As we all know that the customers always like to choose the products which have the best cost performance.