Four Tips for Selecting Solar Bracket

2017-08-14 16:47
With the increasing use of solar system, the relevant solar components are also widely employed. The performance of solar bracket used for connecting the solar panels and the support surface greatly influences the function of the solar system. The solar bracket is small in size but important in function. It is developed and designed into different types of solar brackets so that it is able to meet different requirements from the occasions. The solar bracket is available in different types including tile roof solar rack, flat roof solar bracket, ground solar bracket, stand column solar bracket, etc. and it is important for the user to know how to choose the solar bracket.
Firstly, the solar system is installed in different places. Therefore, the solar brackets should be chosen well to fit the occasions they are used. The solar panel tile roof brackets can be divided into the tile roof solar rack and the flat roof solar bracket. If the roof is tilted, the tile roof solar rack is suitable, and if the roof is flat, the flat roof solar bracket is more suitable. If the solar system is installed on the ground, the triangle mounting bracket or the stand column solar bracket can stabilize the solar system on the ground.

Secondly, since the solar system is usually exposed to outside environment, for the selection of the solar bracket, we need to make sure that the solar bracket is durable enough and can retain intact even when the storm comes. Therefore, the strength of the solar bracket must be considered. The triangle mounting bracket adopts the principle that the triangular structure is always stable, and therefore, the solar system fixed by the triangle mounting bracket is able to bear the strong wind and remain stable to function.

Thirdly, the materials for manufacturing the solar bracket should be well considered. The bracket and the solar system are supposed to be endurable when used in different weathers, and therefore, the corrosion resistance and rusting resistance of the solar bracket should be excellent. The bracket is used for supporting and protecting the solar panels from the damage of the weather, and therefore, the bracket should be produced from high strength stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The bracket made of these materials can be chosen by the user.
Finally, the solar bracket should be equipped with the function of rotation because the modern solar bracket is equipped with the solar tracker, and the solar bracket should allow the solar panel to turn according to the solar radiation direction.

Proper selection of the bracket can free the user from the trouble of repairing the bracket frequently or replacing it with new type ones.