Analysis on Solar Photovoltaic Brackets Roof Installation Method

2017-08-14 16:44
Generally, solar pv mounting brackets can be divided into several installation systems according to different solar mounting solutions. Including them, roof installation system is relatively common and practical. Roof photovoltaic bracket system has following characteristics. Height adjustable parts of different thickness suiting for tile roof can satisfy customers' demand. Parts like junction plate of multiple pores design can realize bracket position adjustment flexibly and effectively. What's more, it doesn't destroy roof original water proof system. Roof installation method for solar plate commonly has four types, bracket installation, independent installation, direct installation and integration installation.

Firstly, bracket installation. In bracket installation method, battery assembly is supported by a metal framework and presents a preset dip angle. By bracket installation matrix, it fixes bracket on roof with screw. This installation method would bring problems like roof bearing increase and wind-stress. However, since airflow circuit surrounds battery assembly completely, assembly can keep relatively low working temperature and thus improve efficiency. Some bracket installation methods can adjust dip angle according to season so as to improve photovoltaic system efficiency.

Secondly, independent installation. Independent installation method is to install battery assembly on the roof framework. The framework is parallel to roof angle and 10 to 20 centimeters higher above rooftop. Supporting cross-bars are fixed on solar mounting brackets framework independently and assembly is fixed on these cross-bars. Independent installation method provides free airflow circuit for matrix. But, it also has shortcomings which mainly lie in much difficulty in maintaining matrix and replacing rooftop material.

Thirdly, direct installation. Direct installation method installs battery assembly directory on common rooftop covering. Therefore, it doesn't need supporting framework or cross-bar. Assembly should keep rooftop covering completely sealed. Therefore, suitable sealant should be often applied to seal rooftop. chiko solar mounting system Direct installation system airflow can't flow around matrix assembly. That leads to that assembly working temperature in this installation method is about 20℃ higher than that in other installation methods. Because matrix electricity connection situation is not fully observable, it brings difficulty to analysis, repair and maintenance.

Fourthly, integration installation. Integration installation is to install battery assembly directory to rooftop rafter and replace regular rooftop coverings with it. Matrix applies glaze butyl compound rubber or gasket material installed with metal strip for sealing. This installation method suits in occasions that rooftop orientation and angle are both suitable for sun exposure. This system ventilates easily and therefore can ensure battery assembly run in high working temperature. For the reason solar panel connection circuit is exposed to loft, it's easy to check and maintain the circuit.