How to Install the Solar PV Mounting Bracket

2017-08-14 16:39
Solar power is a kind of clean and environmental renewable energy. It is favored by many people. Now more and more products are developed to use solar energy, among which the photovoltaic power system develops rapidly.

Solar pv mounting brackets are parts of the photovoltaic power system. They are used to the fix and install the solar panel. They are commonly made from aluminium alloy or stainless steel.

The bracket is provided by the solar pv mounting bracket manufacturer. The bracket makes the solar power system easy to install. It has different types. According to its different function, it can be classified into the solar water heater bracket and the solar pv mounting brackets. According to its different installation place, it is broken down into the ground support, the roof support and the tracking stent. It has the single axis type, the double axis type and the chiko solar mounting system. Through its electronic control system, the bracket can move towards the moving of the sun. Therefore, its solar panel can reach the highest power.

Different types of solar mounting brackets need to be installed differently. The roof support includes the slope roof support, the oblique angle support and the ballast support. The slope roof support consists of the guide rail, the card and the hook, and the oblique angle support consists of the guide rail, the card and the oblique angle device. When you install the ballast support, you should fix the bracket with the briquetting. It is often installed on the flat roof.

As for the ground support, the bracket should be installed on the ground by burying into the ground. Piling type ground support is installed on the ground through the pile driver.

When you install the bracket, you need to find the suitable solar mounting solutions. Then the solar product can exert its function to the greatest extent. First, you should draw a horizontal line and some vertical line on the roof of the building according to the drawing. The intersection of the horizontal line and the vertical line is the place to put the concrete foundation. Secondly, put the concrete foundation on the intersection. Thirdly, install the connected pull rod on the bottom. You should adjust their position to make it installed positive. Fourthly, install the post. Fifthly, install the battery pack.

As our society progresses rapidly, I am sure more and more solar energy product will be developed. Our lives will become more convenient because of them.