Installing Deck LED Lighting

2017-08-14 16:09

Installing deck lights

Deck lighting can build evening time colour and ambient dots about the advantage in the deck adding towards the all round mood or really feel of one's outside location. Also they're an awesome

security device for lighting the advantage on the deck along with the stairs. Deck lights are available in two primary sorts: solar giant mounting system and 12v mains powered.

Solar deck lights

The solar deck lights have solar cells constructed in to the light using a single LED and internal battery. The sunlight powers down the lights through the day and also the deck lights

automatically switch it on in the event the sun fades. Sunlight will final so long as there's energy left within the internal battery. A few of these solar kinds of lights could have

colours obtainable nevertheless white light could be the most typical.


No mains energy required to energy the nights.

Incredibly simple to set up with incredibly tiny upkeep necessary.


Could not final all evening as charge is dependent upon sun exposure.

Not appropriate for covered decks all solar lights will need maximum light to charge.

12volt LED deck lights

These kinds of lighting is mains powered through a transformer that tends to make them 12volts which suggests they're protected to utilize. They're simple to set up and are usually smaller sized in

diameter than the solar LEDs. On the other hand you will need to manage a 12volt wire beneath occasions.


Simple to set up as they are smaller sized in diameter in comparison to the solar lights.

They are available in a variety of colours or automatic colour altering.

Is often put off you need to definitely necessary or remain on all evening.


Mains powered needed, having said that they usually do not use a great deal of energy.

They're going to ought to be wired to a energy point so your transformer may be plugged in.


Each sorts are simple to set up and may be accomplished inside two hours.

Step 1: Find:

Mark having a pencil in the places exactly where you'd just like the lights. Even distances appear the ideal.

Second step: Drill your holes:

Drill your holes having a big hole saw to match the kind of LED deck lights that you just have. Drill the outlet within the centre in the decking board to preserve maximum

strength. For solar lights, just turn them on and drop them in and also the job is full. For Twelve volt LEDs run the wire initially generate them up by means of the drilled hole

and plug the light in to the wire. It really is most effective to make certain that 12 volt wires operating back for the transformer are clipped for the frame below the decking boards with

solar cable clips.


In case your decking boards develop into quite weak just after drilling your holes you'll need to screw added supporting timber below the decking so it is going to not break when walked


It can be most effective to purchase a good quality stainless light as opposed to low cost lights that you just may have to replace once more.