Introduction on the Characteristics and Application of the Solar Bracket

2017-08-14 16:07
The solar mounting brackets can be divided into solar-thermal stents (solar water heater bracket) and solar photovoltaic by the purpose. The solar water heater bracket is a key support component of the soar-powered water heater water tank, which is an important component of the solar water heater. It plays an important role in spreading solar water heater, which is one of the main parameters for people purchasing the solar water heater. At present, the solar adjustable bracket has developed as an indispensable small industry. And more and more enterprises have produced the solar PV mounting brackets which is independent from the solar water heater industry.

The stand design of the domestic solar water heater should be reasonable to ensure enough bearing capacity with enough strength and stiffness. In the daily large wind area, especially in the coastal region, it's better to select domestic solar water heater with enough wind resistance capacity. In general, the solar water heater with good quality uses the aluminium alloy stand which is thick and strong. The solar photovoltaic is a special stand for putting, assembling and fixing solar panel in the solar energy light volt generating electricity system, which has aluminium alloy and stainless steel. In the following, several solar stands would be introduced briefly.

Firstly, the surface photovoltaic system support can be used in the concrete flat roof, choi steel flat roof, steel structure flat roof and ball node roofing. It has the following characteristics. It needs to lay the stands with large scale orderly with diverse and stable connect ways. It can also develop unique accessories according to the different demands of the customs.

Usually, the common large ground photovoltaic adopts concrete style. It can rapidly assemble to match up the schedule of construction of the large ground photovoltaic power station. It can meet the changing requirements in the construction site with the flexible forms of regulation. Besides, reducing the number of the accessories is for the worker in the construction site.

Angle adjustment bracket

We design a kind of strong ground structure which can meet the assemble demands of the large size battery components. At the same time, it can be used in the area with large wind. Besides, this stand system can adjust the level angle according to the demands. When assemble the angle adjustment bracket, we can assemble it by putting the screws in the corresponding bolt holes in accordance with the assembly drawings without field welding.