Solar Mounting Brackets of Different Types to Be Introduced

2017-08-14 16:06
The unique design of solar mounting brackets make component have the advantage of angle adjustment bracket according to different regions and Angle, which can make full use of local solar energy resources in order to achieve the greatest efficiency of solar module. At the same time for the connection of photovoltaic modules, material selection and support load stress analysis of detailed analysis and practice, which makes it have a good resistance of seismic and wind, snowy pressure, corrosion and other physical properties. So it makes the photovoltaic modules be used in wider areas. It will be introduced simply the installation of the solar system and different types of solar mounting brackets in this article.

The installation steps of solar system include the following points. It is the first step to open the container of the solar system in order to take out the various accessories that include the solar pv panels, power controller, power supply cord and support plate so on in regular sequence. It must be paied attention to place the solar photovoltaic battery plate but not put them positive contact with the ground or other objects, which lest it damages the distribution in the crystal diode of positive solar energy plate. Secondly, According to the bracket assembly photo of the solar packing box, which assembled solar plate fixes the bracket in order to make the solar energy plate fix on the bracket. Then it must be put a regular place there is sun and the solar energy plate towards the south. If there is no suitable place that can put the solar bracket, which can dig a hole in the ground in order to erect the pillar of solar bracket. Then fixing it on the solar bracket. Thirdly, It must connect the battery and power controller and then across the electrodes that the white is anode and the black is cathode of solar plate in connecting the power cord in order to connect with the second input terminal of solar controller. It must be paied attention to be connected to the accumulator before the solar power to the supply with controller. Because solar plate might be the output voltage is higher, which will cause overvoltage protection of solar power controller and even it will have the damage. It is the fourth step to have the conduct of the parameter settings of solar controller. Fifthly,  it can connect the load that called instruments with the solar power controller after completion of the above settings and the normal display of voltage. Observing a period of time, solar access is normal when the voltage is basically constant.

Solar pv mounting brackets is one type of solar mounting brackets, which are the special bracket to be designed for puting, installation, fixing on the solar panel in a system of solar photovoltaic power generation. It is generally made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Pv bracket product is divided into above ground, roof, wall type and portable so on. Large photovoltaic enterprises are generally used galvanized metal materials. It is the reason that one is lower cost, the other is bearing is larger and it has a rotation device, which can be adjusted with the rotation of the sun angle and the utilization rate of light energy is high.

There is the othe type of solar mounting brackets that is called solar adjustable bracket, which is an angle adjustment bracket of the solar panel mounting bracket including the use for installing the framework that is installed of solar panels and using for supporting the installation pedestal of frame. There are at least two Angle adjustment card slot between the upper part of the installation pedestal that is described and the rotating connection of installation framework in the vertical direction set. It also includes a swinging rod, which has one end of the swinging described to connect the rotation of installation frame and relative end to connect with the angle adjustment card slot position of installation pedestal. It is the first advantage of solar adjustable bracket that the overall structure is simple and reasonable, make easy and have the convenient and quick installation. It is easy to operate, which can adjust the angle of solar panel according to the direction of the sun so as to guarantee high photoelectric conversion efficiency. That is the second advantage.