The Solar System and Solar Mounting Bracket

2017-08-14 16:03

Facing the international energy crisis and the requirement of environmental protection, a lot of professionals and enterprises are turning to solar power which is one kind of the most important renewable energy and the photovoltaic industry has been developed rapidly. The solar energy systems, which can be installed in the ground, walls, roof, etc., are widely used in many places such as remote mountainous area, areas without electricity, islands and communication base stations. We can also see solar power stations, solar street lights and solar automobiles in our daily life.

For the installation of the solar systems, solar mounting brackets are indispensable important equipments. Such as to install solar power system on the roof, the first step is in fixed the solar mounting bracket on the roof, then put the solar components installed on the bracket, and bolted these components finally. The so-called solar pv mounting brackets, an important part of the solar photovoltaic power system, are brackets designed especially for the installation of solar panels, the material of which is usually aluminum alloy or stainless steel. There are many kinds of solar PV mounting brackets, mainly including the bracket system on ground used by PV power plant, angle adjustment brackets and bracket systems for sloping roof that we can see on the roofs of residential buildings, bracket systems with upright post which are usually used for solar street lights.

Meanwhile, the application of solar mounting brackets is far beyond for the simple installation of solar panel. As is known to all, the angle of sunlight is different on different latitude or in different seasons. The PV systems are most effective only when sunlight shines on the solar panel vertically. The solar adjustable bracket and the angle adjustment bracket can meet this requirement and make solar panels which are fixed on them turned and adjusted flexibly according to the angle of sunlight.

The angle adjustment bracket of solar PV system, with a structure uniquely designed, can adjust the angle of the solar panel according to the difference of regions and seasons. Just like each solar panel can be adjusted to adapt to the different angle of light by moving the fasteners when it was installed at the beginning, solar panels can be accurately fixed on another location by moving the fasteners again. It ensures that sunlight shines on the solar panels vertically to improve the efficiency of the solar panels of PV system and make full use of local resources of solar energy.