Solar Panels Provide an environmentally friendly Power Solution Employing Higher Tech Laptop Manufacturing Processes

2017-08-14 15:25
Solar cell technologies has been in existence for more than 60 years. Solar modules, generally referred to as photovoltaic panels, have been utilized to generate electrical energy from light ever given that the silicon based semiconductor was invented. No longer a laboratory curiosity, solar cells are an market unto themselves and therefore are as common in power generation as traditional energy generation methods for example steam turbine driven generators and nuclear energy plants. There are various solar energy collection approaches in use and offered these days. We'll investigate the a lot more frequent electricity generating solar panel brackets rv: photovoltaic cells and PV modules.

How does a PV module create electrical energy from light?

Solar Cell

Solar cells are produced of components that are electrically activated when light strikes their surfaces. The kodak playtouch camcorder, a solar cell, operates without having moving parts and by no means goes away! Add numerous cells with each other and also you possess a solar array or perhaps a photovoltaic module. The a lot more cells, the higher the power that is achievable to create in the modules.

Cell Layers

The best layer of the solar cell or wafer contains a silicon layer that has free of charge electrons which are negatively charged particles. A boron enhanced bottom layer consists of spaces or holes, that allow electrons move into the open spaces. The manufacturing procedure creates this electron imbalance amongst the 2 layers inside this semiconductor material. This imbalances is responsible for the operation on the solar cell which creates the electrical existing and voltage.

The sun's rays Strikes the Solar Cell

Photons in the sun hit the outside in the photovoltaic cell. This activity excites the free of charge electrons in both silicon layers. Some electrons inside the bottom layer travel towards the silicon layer at the prime from the cell. Electron flow moves through metal contacts positioned on the solar cell's front and back which creates electricity. Electrons flow within a closed loop or electrical circuit. Combining numerous solar cells comes with an additive effect on voltage and existing based how they may be "strung" together. Feel of each and every cell as a battery. Stringing the cells in series (adverse to optimistic) will prove to add voltage and preserve amperage exactly the same for one cell. Stringing cells in parallel will hold voltage precisely the same for one particular cell but add the amperage in the cells.

Powering With Solar

solar pv cable clips create electrical existing which is transmitted for an inverter. The inverter modifications direct current into alternating existing which fits the electrical energy that your energy firm provides. Appliances and power gear operate with AC existing. Within the United states of america, power is generated at 60 hertz whereas in Europe, 50 hertz would be the norm.

The solar electrical power feeds in to the wiring of a residence, business or energy plant and in to the electrical utility's power grid. An independently operated power technique may also behave as its personal utility. This "off-grid" technique demands batteries to shop power once the solar panels generate a lot more power than the load demands and is discharged when the solar modules cannot capture sufficient energy in the sun to offset the electrical loads in the home or enterprise.

Converting Silicon Wafers Into Photovoltaic Cells

The personal computer chip sector has created the low price production from the solar cell feasible. The strides in yield, processing and quality have produced the photovoltaic cell manufacturing approach current state-of-the-art and scalable. Whilst the approach is matures for silicon wafer production, the tactics are time consuming and important in achieving the preferred efficiency outcomes. The silicon wafer starts out as an ingot of silicone material after which is sawn in to the characteristically round wafers that you simply see on the solar module.

EtchingA Wafer

The component of the solar cell method requiring a clean space incorporates chemical and heat treatment options that convert the greyish silicon wafers into live, blue cells. A chemical etch removes a little layer of silicon. Underneath this layer, a crystal structure reveals a pyramid shaped surface that absorbs a lot more light.


Silicon wafers are put into ovens where phosphorus is diffused into the wafer surface. This task deposits a molecular sized deposit as the wafer surface is subjected to phosphorus gas at a high heat. This step provides the top a unfavorable potential electrical charge. This layer and also the boron-doped layer beneath the surface create a positive-negative, or P/N, junction which can be the basis of a PV cell. This can be also how a semiconductor chip is produced.

Coloring And Printing

The cells are placed into vacuum chambers where silicon nitride is deposited onto the side on the wafer that can be exposed for the sunlight. The coating with silicon nitride is made to decrease light reflection. This approach gives the cell its dark blue color. The cell is ready to create electrical energy but nonetheless want a signifies to gather and forward the energy to the load. Metal stripes are printed on each sides from the cell to ensure that electrical charge collection and landing locations for wires might be added to the wafer. When this step is comprehensive, the cell is ready to generate power.

Attaching Cells Into Solar Panels

Cells are arranged to create the voltage and amperage profile of the completed solar panel. In the event you have a look at the various brands of solar panels around the industry, you'll observe that the cell arrangement dictates each of those attributes of residence solar panels and industrial kind solar panels. Consequently, the physical frame size on the PV module is set by the solar cell arrangement.


Cells are soldered with each other into series strings which includes electrical bonding on the wafers collectively to form a single module. A number of strings are linked to kind a rectangular matrix of cells. Each cell matrix is laminated onto glass employing a strong adhesive technique that guarantees the completed panel can survive standard environmental loads.


The outer frame in the solar module provides protection against weather and influence loads and also includes the electrical connection which could possibly be a junction box or perhaps a normal electrical cable connector. They are frequently used in other electrical devices.

Place, Location, Place

Siting the solar module array needs the opportunity to gather as considerably sunlight as possible in the course of the seasonal variation in sun intensity.

Rooftop systems give a ready platform given that the top is often tilted toward the sun's rays as well as the surface is unusable for most every other device.

Ground-mounted systems are great options exactly where roofs are unavailable or as well tiny in region. Modules are installed on racks which are ground anchored and available for service or adding further solar modules.

Canopy systems function properly in shed roof applications like parking places.

Utility-scale systems are typically huge scale power creating units that are sized for utility grade use and not typically restricted in land location.

Tracking systems optimize output energy by moving the solar modules in line with the sun's path.


Solar modules really are a union of solar cells and also the technology that makes personal computer chips reduce cost than only a decade ago. The inherent reliability in the solar modules utilized for residence solar panels is because of the insufficient moving parts and also the higher reliability components and procedures that make the solar module reality. You can find virtually no limits towards the types of solar electric systems that can be designed and very couple of limitations on location provided that there is abundant sunlight.

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