Wire Management Solutions for PV Solar Mounting Systems

2017-08-14 14:05
Wire management solutions assist accelerate the installation for ground mount solar and roof mount solar projects and reduce down the labor expenses. Handling the supply circuit conductors is a necessity in all PV Installations. The nation's Electrical Code (NEC) mandates proper PV source circuit wire management.RBI Solar provides tile roof solar panel installation for flat working surface that incorporates with advance technologies which reduces your installation time & cost and simplifies your solar installation.

PV supply circuits are defined in 690.2; generally these circuits are from the series strings of modules towards the PV combiner box (es). The applicable sections in the NEC regarding PV source circuit wire management include 690.31, 338.10, 334.30, and 110.12.

Although PV modules generally include loose conductor pigtails for serial interconnection, these conductors must still be supported as well as be protected against potential damage. These PV supply circuit conductors are usually have insulation classifications of USE-2 / RHW-2 and PV Wire, and as such have to be supported at least every 4.5 feet (1.4m) and within 1 foot (30cm) of the enclosure.

RBI Solar delivers PV mounting system installation for flat surface that incorporates with advance technology which reduces your installation time & cost and simplifies your solar panel system grounding installation. RBI Solar Inc. specializes in best ground mount solar installation with minimal parts and reduced labor expenses. RBI solar designed & engineered efficient ground mount solution for every customer.

Depending on the application, clips, straps, ties, trays, and channels are usually used to support the conductors to satisfy the requirements of the code. When the PV supply circuit conductors aren't within the part of the PV array, standard wiring means of outdoor circuits underneath the conditions of use must be utilized. This generally means that when PV source circuit wiring must leave the region from the array, a transition box can be used to allow for the conductors to be run in appropriate raceways.RBI Solar INC. offer highly engineered Solar Structures at large commercial and institutional scale. This can help for installation of rooftop solar power system. with minimal parts, faster installation and also provide resource like Solar Panel Installation for calculating different solar mounting layouts.

Every wire management solution for solar pole mount systems features its own benefits and drawbacks. Some solar racking manufactures offer wire management solutions for ground mount solar and roof mount solar installations. One should consider safety, easy installation and economics while choosing the right wire management solution for solar Installations. A built-in wire management solution using the solar mounting system adds to the performance, aesthetics and sturdiness.