How Much Do You Know About Photovoltaic System For Solar Energy

2017-08-14 11:34
There is no doubt during the PV mounting installation or the roof solar PV mounting installation, we need to consider the necessary load power that solar photovoltaic power generation system requires. What’s more, we should think about the output voltage of the system. To be specific, we need to consider wether we should use DC or AC.

Now, let’s talk about the system composition of photovoltaic system for solar energy.

Photovoltaic system is composed by the solar cell array, a storage battery, charge and discharge controller, inverter, AC power distribution cabinet, automatic solar tracking system, automatic solar modules dust removal system and other equipment.

It is clear that we need to say something about the role of some parts of the device.

Firstly, we need to talk about solar cell.

light (whether it is sunlight or light of other luminous body), the solar battery can absorb the light energy. At the same time, the heterocharge accumulation appears between the two poles of the battery, which means that it can produce light induced voltage. And it  is called the" light voltaic effect. "

In the role of the light photovoltaic effect, at the two ends of the solar cells, electric potential can be generated. In other words, the conversion of light energy into electrical energy can happen here. In other words, solar cell belongs to an energy conversion device.

Generally speaking, solar cells belong to silicon solar cells, which can be divided into three types including single crystal silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells and amorphous silicon solar cells.

Secondly, let’s talk something about charge and discharge controller.

To be specific, charge and discharge controller is a device that can automatically prevent the battery from over charge and over discharging. Because the battery charging and discharging cycle times and discharge depth is an important factor to determine the service life of the accumulator, it is very essential to have the charge and discharge controller that can control the battery group over charge and over discharge.

Thirdly, we should talk about the AC power distribution cabinet.

Its main role in the power plant system is the switching function to the standby inverter. In this way, it can ensure the normal supply of the system, as well as the measurement of the power line.

As most of us know, if we need to install photovoltaic system for solar energy to make good use of solar energy, both solar pv hanger bolt  and solar pv cable clips are necessary. So you would better remember them well.