Part 3 - The Solar array and mounting system

2017-08-14 10:57
The final part of our manual to how the solar PV performs and how it it truly is set up. This little bit points out how the array suits to the roof.

The solar modules are close to 1.5m by 1m and they are similar to a sheet of glass within an aluminium frame- the intelligent stuff is sandwiched in the glass and laminate levels. These want to become set down securely and also the most popular means of undertaking this really is to construct a body that they are then clamped to.

First of all we need anything for that body to get anchored to. under are a few roof hooks which might be frequently employed.

photo voltaic pv solar pole mount systems concretea roof hook for interlocking concrete tiles a roof hook for clay tiles .

There are lots of varieties of rook hooks/anchors just as there are lots of types of slates and roof tiles. In most cases they're a set on the joists of one's roof. The roof tile or slate is then replaced, more than the best on the hook leaving simply a tiny piece demonstrating - to which the body is then mounted. With some varieties of roof substance it's not at all often feasible to simply substitute the roof covering, with stone slates for instance. In these circumstances a substitute these kinds of as guide can be utilized to go over the hook. In these kinds of situations, the roof-covering should always be at the very least nearly as good as in the event the set up started out along with the roof integrity will never be compromised.

The hooks are very sound bits of steel and the fixings used are also robust- the last factor you would like is your array blowing absent. Northern Sunlight always utilize a structural engineer whenever we style every installation and use calculations to ascertain the amount of roof hooks to be used and what type.

this can be how the rail sits on to the roof hook, it is possible to see the tile addresses the hook.

The array mounting frame is then equipped on the roof hooks. The frame is created from aluminium which is mild but quite sturdy. All of the fixings signing up for the frame on the roof hooks are sound chrome steel. There are two mounting rails for each row of solar modules, 1 with the leading and one particular in the base.

The modules are then clamped to the rail, below is a photograph of the end clamp. The clamp, much like the rail as well as the module body is made out of aluminium and is related utilizing stainless steel.

a solar module, clamped to the mounting rail.

Each of the materials utilized while in the solar array are of the maximum high quality, designed particularly for their objective, with toughness, security and sturdiness in mind. Since we only use the very best and because we style each method on the maximum standards you can be assured that your system will be there so long as the roof or more time!

This is actually the most typical technique of retro-fitting photo voltaic PV mounting installations. Coming quickly is going to be a bit about a number of the other methods of solar giant mounting system.