What are the Different Types of Solar Panel Installation?

2017-08-14 10:34
Just imagine how nice it would be if you do not have to pay those electricity bills with a large amount and instead you can get free electricity - this dream has been fulfilled by solar panels to an extent. Solar panels use the light emitted from the sun to create energy which is required for electrical appliances.

Different Types of Installation Methods

The first step for this is to find good solar panel installers. After surveying your house, they will suggest which type of installation method will be perfect for your house. There are various installation techniques available for getting your solar panel installed. The places on which the solar panels are installed are roof tops, standalone buildings and building tops. Some factors on which the decision regarding the type of installation suitable for your house is based are the type of roof you have and your individual requirements. Some of the installation methods that are commonly used are mentioned below:

On tile roof solar panel installation

This is considered to be the most budget-friendly method. Some features of this type of installation are that a gap around the solar panels will be needed for the rain water to go and it looks like an extra piece of addition to your house.

In  tile roof solar mounting installation

This type of installation is a bit more expensive as the solar panels are installed inside the roof. In this type of process, you will receive only little ventilation. As such you need good installers to install it in your home properly.

PV mounting installation

This installation method enhances the look of the house. For this type of proceedure, you will need to retile your roof completely. Some drawbacks of this installation procedure is that it is more expensive than the above mentioned techniques and is also less effective as compared to them.

Flat Roof Mounted Solar Panel Installation

In this type of installation, you will need blocks or A-frame mounting which has enough space in order to prevent shadows. You can usually find this type of installation in commercial properties.

ground mounted solar panels Installation

This type of installation is meant for commercial use. One feature of this type of installation is that a large area of land will be needed so that it can be cost-efficient. So, anybody having bigger area can go for this easily.

The amount of energy produced from solar panels will depend on angle in which your roof is tilted, the orientation of the roof and the place where your house is located - whether it receives a good amount of sunlight or not. Hence, you should make sure that the solar panels are not installed in places which get a large amount of shade, either from walls, chimneys or trees. Furthermore, as installing solar panels is an extremely important decision, you should make sure that you do a complete research before choosing the perfect solar panel installer for your house.