Solar Tracker Brings Something Unexpected to the Modern Industry

2017-08-14 10:18
Solar tracker is a kind of power device that keeps the solar panel face to the sun so that the sunshine is vertical to the solar panel all the time. It is actual that to adopt the solar tracker increases the generating efficiency of the solar photovoltaic components.

With the reason of earth rotation, as for some point, all the year, every day, the sun rising or sunset leads to the sunlight angle is changing at every moment in which condition the solar panel could always face to the sun to get to the optimum state with the highest efficiency of generator. The solar tracker(solar tracker installation) matched with the International norm must refer to the information of the place where the solar tracker will be put, like the longitude and latitude to calculate the different sunlight angle at different time every day in the whole year. After that the engineer should put the calculation results in PCL, SCM or computer software. It is the calculation result that the solar tracker can track the sun position based on. Because of the different data of the longitude and latitude, once the solar tracker were installed at some point, it could not be moved or disassembly. Every time if the solar tracker is moved, all the calculation coefficient, design data have to adjusted to the new position. The theory, electrical circuit and technical, equipment are complicated, so that amateur can not operate and master it.

Nowadays more and more solar tracker manufacturers are beginning to do the research and design the solar trackers themselves based on the requirement of the industry, and the smart solar trackers is with the world leading level. This kind of solar tracker is solving the matters such as calculating the information of the position and then putting them in the PCL in advance. Because the high technology has been adopted into the smart solar trackers, the new smart solar tracker is no software, no data put ahead, which can adapt to various severe weather, like cloudy, rainy and thunderstorm, with the advantages that the system protected by the preset program, high effect of dust prevention, high wind load rating, easy and simply to master and low cost, moreover, the mobile device input can exactly track the smart solar tracker(solar tracker design) every now and then. What’s more, the smart solar tracker has meet the requirements of the modern industry and also it brings us into a convenient daily life.