How Much Do You Know The Wide Application Of Solar Panel

2017-08-14 10:09
Solar panels is a kind of device which can convert the solar radiation energy into electrical energy by using the photoelectric effect or photochemical effect. There is no doubt that the solar panel should finish absorption of solar light first. There is no doubt that bothsolar panel system groundingandsolar panel installation kitsare essential.

Generally speaking, as for most of the solar panels, their main materials can be the "Silicon". As most of us know, due to the production which costs greatly, it cannot be used widely or generally. Though we can findsolar panel brackets rvand solar panel tile roof brackets in the market of solar panel.

If you want to choose a solar panel, you need to know where it can be used. That is for sure.

Firstly, solar panel can be used in oil and marine meteorological fields, such as oil pipeline and the reservoir gate catholic protection solar power system, the oil drilling platform and emergency power supply, marine testing equipment, meteorological or hydrological observation equipment and so on.

Secondly, solar panel can be used for light source, such as garden lights, street lamps, portable lamp, camping lamp, mountain climbing lamp, fishing lights, black light lamp, tapping lamps, energy-saving lamps and so on.

Thirdly, solar panels can be used in photovoltaic power plants, such as 10KW to 50MW stand-alone photovoltaic power station, a variety of large power plant, a variety of large parking charging station, etc..

Fourthly, solar panel can be used in solar building. To be specific, it can realize the combination of solar power generation and building materials as to make the future large-scale construction achieve power self-sufficiency, which is the development direction in the future.

Fifthly, it can be used in other areas. As we know, it can be one of auto accessories. To be specific, it can be used in car solar or electric vehicles, battery charging equipment, automobile air conditioner, fan, cold boxes and so on. What’s more, it can be used in the solar hydrogen fuel battery’s renewable power generation system, desalination equipment power supply, satellites and spacecraft and space solar power station.

Now, let’s talk about the solar panel which is made of monocrystalline silicon.

Generally speaking, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon solar battery is about fifteen percent. But the highest can reach twenty four percent, which is the highest of all kinds of solar battery photoelectric conversion efficiency. The problem is that its production cost is great. As a result, it can not be used widely.

Because solar panel which is made of monocrystalline silicon is packed by the single crystal silicon steel glass and waterproof resin, its rugged. To be specific, its service life can generally be up to fifteen years, even up to twenty five years.