Solar PV Mounting System

2017-08-14 10:05
We may see many solar cells like solar cell boards on roofs of appartments, houses and villas in lots of countries now, which help to convert the solar energy to electronic energy. Those solar cells are actually battery packs formed by parallel connection and series connection of batteries, so that the generating capacity could be enlarged efficiently. With roof solar pv mounting installation , some electromotive force would be generated in the daytime, and the solar cell arrays on the roof absorb the solar energy. The convertion from solar energy to electronic energy is achieved by the electromotive force under photovaltaic effect.

Solar cells and storage battery are used in a comprehensive way in terms of the solar mounting system. To be specific, they are the main operators mainly in the day time and at night. In the day time, the electronic energy absorbed by the solar cells are stored in the storage battery by charging and discharging controllers. At night, the electronic energy stored in the storage battery provides electricity to the inverter and then the electricity is transmitted to the distribution box.

The solar mounting system is commonly categorized into independent photovoltaic power generation system, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system and distributed photovoltaic power generation system. Independent photovoltaic power generation system is also known as off-grid photovoltaic power generation system, which is not in the public electricity supply system. Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system, as we can see from the name itself, is listed in the public electricity supply system. Distributed photovoltaic power generation system has both features of the independent one and the grid connected one.

Generally speaking,  the solar mounting system with solar pv hanger bolt is a relatively new power generation system with prominent advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are as follows. First, with the use of solar mounting systems such as chiko solar mounting system, much solar energy could be utilized and it is estimted that as long as solar mounting systems are installed on 4 percent of deserts on the earth, power generation all over the world could be achieved. Besides, neither fuel nor power is needed, so that solar mounting system is quite energy saving. Before solar mounting system showed its appearance, we had to transmitt the electronic energy from places that are far away, but now the electronic energy could be obtained nearby our houses, which saves lots of money and laboring force in electronic energy transmission.