The application of solar tracker

2017-08-14 10:01
Due to earth's rotation, relative to a solar tracker installation power generation system with fixed location, spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons in a year, the sun illumination angle are changing all the time, effectively guaranteeing the solar panels can always be opposite the sun, and only by that power generation efficiency can reach the best state. The world's general solar tracker needs to calculate the angel that sun lies every day of different time of years according to the information such as latitude and longitude point, and storage the sun location every moment in a year to the PLC, single-chip computer or computer software, realizing the tracking depending on calculating the fixed location each moment the sun position. What it adapts is computer data theory, which needs the data and setting of earth longitude and latitude region. Once being installed it is not supposed to move or assemble, and each time moving over it must recalculate parameter, set data and adjust every parameter. No matter principle, technology or equipment is very complicated, and non-professionals can not operate casually. So far China has developed a kind of solar tracking device with advanced level in world and which is not afraid of cloudy days and rainy days and has very good dust prevention and is very useful.

By adding GPS positioning system, such solar tracker panel application becomes the first solar space locating and tracking device without computer software in domestic. It has the international leading level, not restricted by geographical, weather conditions and the external conditions, and can be applied in - 50 ℃ to 70 ℃ ambient temperature within the scope of normal use. Tracking precision can reach + / - 0.001 °, maximally improving solar tracking precision, perfect implementing timely tracking, maximizing the sun light energy utilization. The solar tracker application can be widely used in all kinds of devices that need to use the sun tracking. The solar tracker is affordable and has stable performance as well as reasonable structure. Install the solar power system that adds solar tracking device on car, train that is running fast on road, no matter what occurs, that device can guarantee the tracking part directly faces the sun. Solar tracking control technology belongs to a country with independent intellectual property rights in China invention patent products.

Speaking that much, it is highly recommended company purchase a solar tracking device, and it is no doubt that it will gain much profits for you, says solar tracker manufacturers .