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2017-08-14 10:30
The solar and solar industries, which have grown rapidly over the past ten years, and now recognized as competitive renewable sources.Maybe that's why Solar energy is still surrounded by fact false,rumors and misunderstandings.The splendid prospects cast a shadow.

As a professional manufacturer of distributed solar bracket,Chiko Solar summed up nine rumors about the photovoltaic industry",Let's get together and learn about it.

Q1:The production of solar energy consumption more than the lifetime of energy?
Truth:Now the energy payback period of silicon solar cells for less than two years.The energy payback period of thin film solar cell is more than a year!After this period, energy and carbon dioxide are saved and accumulated during the rest of the solar cell life cycle, so solar cells are extremely environmentally friendly

Q2:Without subsidies, solar energy is not financially viable
Truth:Nowadays the sun shines almost everywhere in the world,solar energy is cheaper than electric energy(market price).over the past years,the cost of solar energy has declined rapidly,even more than the cheapest fossil fuel competitiveness.American tycoonBuffett’s utility company   agreed with First Solar Inc Nevada factory on the purchase price of 3.87 cents per unit electricity price. This is probably the cheapest electricity price in the United States and most parts of the world
Q3:The cost of the Chinese distributed generation at the user terminal has been lower than the user purchase price.“
Once the global warming, "scam" was exposed, no one will be interested in solar energy.
Truth:In the area of sufficient sunshine,This is probably the cheapest way to generate electricity for individuals, companies and countries to achieve energy independence,it is also expected to create employment opportunities.Therefore, global warming, whatever you believe it or not, it really with the benefits of solar energy have no relationship.
Q4:All manufacturers of solar bracket are loss money
Truth:Solar energy industry is not mature, leading rankings and the market is changing.Actually,We are witnessing a fledgling new industry into the traditional integration stage,There are winners and losers,The surviving practitioners face a bright and profitable future.Insightful roofing and construction companies believe that the integration of photovoltaic building is the next big event",They will certainly be among the winners of the future.Solar cells will be better integrated with roofs and facades,The current building materials manufacturers have a great chance to win market share in this field

Q5:Solar energy will be attractive only when Tesla or any other battery manufacturer start mass production of low efficiency batteries for power storage
Truth:Solar energy is a very cost competitive energy. Low efficient battery will certainly enhance the attractiveness of solar, But the fact that solar energy generates electricity when it is most demanding (midday) makes solar energy less dependent on storage means than many other sources of energy.

Q6:The solar cell is ugly, unsightly and damage the cityscape.
Truth:Perhaps the current installation of traditional silicon solar panels on roofs has adversely affected the appearance of many of the older buildings.But the trend toward photovoltaic construction integration will introduce solar energy into residential areas without attracting anyone's attention.Dual glass components can be well integrated into roofing materials, not only to ensure beauty, but also to reduce installation costs

Q7:The future, the solar bracket can be used to paint brush
Truth:Admittedly, the integration of photovoltaic architecture is exciting and the statement is widely circulated in the popular science field, but it is unlikely to happen at least for the rest of our lives.The third generation dye synthetic solar cells are extremely sensitive to humidity and degrade when exposed to sunlight.The battery can not be brushed with a brush, but must also be encapsulated and connected by series circuits

Q8:Thin film solar cell is made of indium and other rare earth elements, and these elements probably will be exhausted.
Truth:Some scientists and politicians say that we will run out of rare materials such as indium, just as we are running out of the world's oil reserves,but this is far from the truth.Indium, silicon, gallium and other basic chemical elements in the periodic table, it is impossible to destroy.Basic chemical elements cannot "dry up", but only change shapes, locations, and Applications.The earth's Indium will always be the same as it used to be, and it can be recycled.Indium in the earth's crust is three times as high as silver, but no one says silver will dry up.Besides,Solar cell production equipment suppliers have successfully halved the thickness of thin-film solar cells in recent years, thus significantly reducing the demand for rare materials in the process.

Q9:Everything will be powered by solar energy in the future
Truth:Optimistic about the future of solar energy, of course has its rationale,but there will be a diversified energy portfolio in the future,Just like today.This combination of renewable energy sources will increase, but it will still include solar, wind, hydro and other energy sources

There are more about the unknown and wrong understanding of photovoltaic, waiting for your discovery and answer. If you have some questions or questions about PV, please leave us a message and we will answer for you!

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