Chiko Solar roof mount and rail-free racking system

2017-08-31 14:46

Four new solar roof mount and rail-free racking systems products of Chiko Solar 

Tilt Kits Mount CK-IT Series is a rail-free racking solution for trapezoid and corrugated sheet metal roofing enabling you to install without railing. CH-FTH-017: First Edition compliant, and offers a faster, easier installation than its legacy versions, the company said.

Adjustable Tilt Mount provides a variety of options through compatibility with any rack manufacturer’s connection points (L-feet, posts), and will standing seam mount. With the addition of Chiko Solar's Mid-Clamp, the system becomes a rail-free racking system that was engineered specifically for standing seam metal roofing. 
Ballast 1-2 Flat roof mount is a rail-free system for flat concrete roofing applications, is an ideal system for fast, easy fixed-position mounting. Straightforward components accommodate variable heights, so pipe boots and vents won’t be an issue.
Tile roof mount bracket, a more cost-efficient iteration of Chiko Solar's popular Tile roof mount bracket System, requires no cutting, drilling or grinding of tiles, thereby reducing overall installation time. The system's flashing replaces one complete tile, and utilizes our patented, watertight compression technology.

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