Shanghai CHIKO Solar Technology Co., Ltd. Participating Japan International Solar Energy Exhibition

2017-08-14 15:50
Shanghai CHIKO Solar Technology Co., Ltd. Participating Japan International Solar Energy Exhibition

Japan International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition, organized by International Exhibition (PV EXPO), photovoltaic systems Exhibition (PV SYSTEM EXPO), Solar Exhibition (BATTERY JAPAN), hydrogen and fuel cell development (FC EXPO), Manufacturing Technology Show (Processing Technology EXPO ) composed of seven sub- exhibition, It is the largest, most professional , most influential solar industry exhibition in Asia.

The exhibition organized since the beginning of 2005 , the exhibition gradually expand the scale , with the exhibition organizers - Reed Group's global R & D resources and advantages of solar technology in Japan , has become a pioneering Japan, the world's second largest solar market and growing the best platform for the Asian solar market . Concurrent will hold a number of professional forums, seminars and special lectures , showing the most advanced solar technology to predict industry trends.

In recent years, the amount of imported solar system has been ranked first in the world in Japan . As the world 's second-largest solar PV market , the Japanese Government has been universal for home use solar cells to give some support in terms of policy . Since 1994 , issuing 900,000 yen / KW grants , nearly half the amount of the price system . This suspension system in 2005 , but since 2009 , the Japanese government once again restored for home use solar power subsidy system . ¥ 70,000 / KW subsidies , although only about one percent of the system price , but for the Chinese solar export enterprises is undoubtedly a good opportunity to enter the Japanese market .

Shanghai Chiko Solar Technology Co., Ltd. brought to the exhibition products of independent innovation and R & D results. Today, in the photovoltaic industry with growing intensity of competition in the market, the U.S. and European markets have also exported products to China. How to break the siege and open up the international market has become a serious problem in domestic photovoltaic industry . Confronted with those challenges, Shanghai CHIKO will continue summarizing its advantages , increasing R & D investment, following the market. PV enterprises ought to learn from each other and design a series of innovative photovoltaic products. Thanks to the advantages of similar products of CHIKO Sloar, numerous attention of clients were attracted to the booth.

Staffs of CHIKO Solar at the show, professionally and meticulously explained the products for customers. CHIKO 's latest research solar photovoltaic systems, with the superiority and stability ,to some extent, greatly reflected the shortcomings of those traditional solar PV systems.

Based on the market, CHIKO will continue to work, to strengthen innovation, to make contributions to domestic solar photovoltaic industries .