Shanghai Chiko Solar Technology Co., Ltd.participate in 2014 Africa ( South Africa ) New Energy / Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition

2017-08-14 15:34
Africa International Solar Energy Exhibition sponsored by the Portland , an annual, has been successfully held 13 sessions since 1998 , has become the new energy industry in South Africa is quite mature show. 2012 booth area of 21,000 square meters , distributed in two pavilions. Number of exhibitors reached 950 , a total number of visitors reached 13,600 people . Exhibitors mainly from the United States , China , India, Israel , Thailand, Belgium, Germany, Sweden , Egypt, South Africa, France and so on. Which China has more than 40 exhibitors . Siemens, Philips, LDK , Vestas, Hyundai Heavy Industries , Caterpillar, EDF , Cummins, Howden China and other world famous enterprises have participated in the exhibition , has become the largest in South Africa and Africa energy International Exhibition .

South Africa is located in the southernmost tip of the African continent , with an area of 1,227,200 square kilometers of land and a population of 45,747,000 people, because of the importance of maritime traffic location and abundant natural resources and famous. South Africa is the most economically developed countries , although its land area accounts for only 4% of the entire African population accounted for only 5.8 percent of non- full , but 26 percent of its annual gross domestic product of the total non of its annual foreign trade accounted for 24% of the full non . South Africa has the most advanced transportation, electricity, communications and other industrial infrastructure in Africa .

South Africa is the largest producer of electricity in Africa , in the past generally adequate power , electricity is cheap. With the rapid development of the South African economy , nearly two years of frequent nationwide power shortage . In particular, in June 2008 , South Africa suffered severe power crisis, the mining industry across the country within a month had been forced to stop production for five days, led to a significant decline in the first quarter production. Severe power shortage is a bottleneck restricting the development of many African economies . In this case , in January 2009 the South African national power company said it will vigorously develop solar power and wind power to deal with the current severe power shortage .

South Africa 's import and export trade mainly on the international market, especially China have a certain dependence. To promote the development of foreign trade, South Africa has developed a series of industrial development is conducive to investment incentives in attracting foreign investment . The South African government

implemented the " decentralized industrial zone " program has attracted many foreign investors , and rural economic development has played a considerable role in promoting. Investment companies set up factories in South Africa can enjoy duty-free treatment of imported equipment , and enjoy high levels of government cash subsidies. In addition South Africa is currently enjoying some of the U.S. , the EU trade quotas or preferential allocation of trade, making a breakthrough in terms of our trade , which are for foreign companies to enter the South African market, providing a favorable market environment .

Shanghai Chiko Solar Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to the exhibition. The products displayed in the show were CHIKO’s main products, including V and 2V structure and all aluminum racking system, which were the latest scientific research results. These products greatly made up to the shortage of solar PV design. Based on market, in 2013, Shanghai Chiko enhanced investment in research and obtained magnificent achievements of related technologies by focusing on different characteristics of different customers and learning from competitors’ latest R&D results.

In this three-day Africa International Solar Energy Exhibition, Chiko Solar attracted many customers. We still used orange and blue as the main colors of our booth. Orange is a symbol that as a Chinese solar enterprise, we have the passion to enter the world’s business. Blue represents our ambitious goal in the solar photovoltaic industry. As a high-tech enterprise, devoting to solar energy, we are willing to make our own construction to clean energy career of the world.

elated technologies by focusing on different characteristics of different customers and learning from competitors’ latest R&D results.
On the exhibition, with enthusiastic attitude, professional explanations, meticulous service for each customer, Chiko won fantastic praise.

We have reason to believe that in the coming future, Shanghai Chiko Solar will stand out in the competition of solar industry.