2012 Shanghai International Solar PV Exhibition

2017-08-14 09:40
Chiko Attended Shanghai International Solar PV Exhibition 2012“2012 Shanghai International Solar PV Power Exhibition" was originally scheduled for November 13-15, 2012 in Shanghai World Expo Museum.

Main information:

According to the specific circumstances, in order to improve the show's popularity, increase the benefit of participating exhibitors, the organizing committee should be part of exhibitors, and multi-party negotiations, the " SIPEF2012 " moved to hardware and software more popular, more prosperous Shanghai New International Expo Center (Longyang Road) exhibition will be held, will be advanced to 2012 October 30-11 month 1 days.

Photovoltaic forum will be held 2012 6-8 December Shanghai Nan Jiao Hotel (Shanghai Fengxian District South Bridge Road No. 8 Metro hope) held under the new situation, hope you adjust the work plan, do a good job for exhibitors. For this exhibition held in advance to your life the inconvenience, we apologize. At the same time, we support and concern to the SIPEF exhibition of Chinese and foreign enterprises, industry, media and audience express heartfelt thanks to friends, and I hope you will continue to support our exhibition.

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