A Look at Chiko Solar’s Innovative Rail-Free Solar mounting system

2017-09-28 13:30
“Our internal projections show that rail-free systems will have about 50 percent of the residential composite and tile markets by 2018 and 85 percent by 2020.”
As an up-and-coming innovator in the solar mounting space, Chiko Solar made an impression at this year's Solar Power International conference.
The company announced a supply deal with Sungevity, introduced a new rail-less mounting system for tile roofs, and even had to throw some competitors off its demo roof to prevent them from reverse-engineering the rail-free residential solar mounting solution on the spot.

Eliminating rails for residential composite and tile roofs promises project savings on the unavoidable costs of rail mounting systems, including inventory, logistics, shipping and installation labor. According to the Chiko Solar strategy, its rail-free solar Mounting systems are priced at or below traditional rail systems so installers can convert these project savings into lower total installed costs.

CHIKO rail free solar mount is designed for trapezoid and corrugated sheet metal roofing enabling you to install without railing.

Enable fast, simple and cost-effective installation
Al6005-T5. High class anodized aluminium
Waterproof EPDM rubber pad,no need extra rail
Rail free, cost-effective solution

PV module mounting frames used as part of the mounting system are strong enough subject to AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) requirements except in extreme wind or snow environments. 
Chiko solar product
CHIKO Solar designs and manufactures high quality solar mounting systems for pitched roof, flat roof and groundopen areas. Whether for small or large-scale projects, standard models or tailor-made systems, we deliver what your need.
CHIKO Solar is a leading manufacturer in solar industry. We provide design & manufacture & sales & service customers support from our head quarters in Shanghai.
We are working with companies from USA, Mexico, Germany, UK, Brazil, Korea, Thailand, Australia, South Africa,Japan etc to provide best services.
We are proud of the fact that more than 4GW solar project from worldwide used CHIKO mounting systems.

The rail-free mounting system can require more upfront planning for the layout design,  Chiko recommends beginning the module installation from the lower edge or eave of the roof toward the top ridge.

Without rails, module-level power electronics (MLPE) will need to be attached to the module with a bracket. PV module cable clips also need to be pre-installed on the ground. Most installations have been moving in this direction anyway to reduce install times on the roof.

Delving into the rail-free cost reductions, Chiko has identified about $0.08 per watt in savings per average solar installation by avoiding the costs of rail mounting systems. Installation labor represents just over $0.04 per watt, or half of the savings. After field training on a few jobs by Chiko Solar, rail-free customer teams have been benchmarked completing installations around 50 percent faster than rail-based installations. Depending on the customer’s business, labor savings are realized either by increasing residential project installs per day or reducing crew size per install.

Chiko solar standoff solar mounting

Chiko Solar was founded by CEO Grant Lee in 2010, who was intent on moving as much labor from the field to the factory as possible in order to reduce cost while increasing quality.

“We took our time to develop a product the field would like," said Grant.

The rail-free system for tile roofs and metal roof uses a tile replacement approach. Chiko views the U.S. residential solar market as 60 percent composite and 40 percent tile roofs, with strong regional concentration -- composite roofs dominate the Northeast while tile roofs are prevalent in the Southwest, Colorado and Florida.

Chiko said it has designs and IP to support glass-glass and frameless modules, and expects to release an innovative solution for flat-roof applications in 2017.

Chiko' Grant is quite bullish on the adoption of rail-less systems: “The next step-function to reducing total installed cost of residential solar is through module-integrated rail-free mounting. By working with module manufacturers, the system can be engineered to optimize raw material usage, reduce packaging, and shift labor from the field to the factory. Our internal projections show that rail-free systems will have about 50 percent of the residential composite and tile markets by 2018 and 85 percent by 2020.” 

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